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APRIL 26, 2021

Dear Church Leaders,

I greet you all in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, on behalf of the Youth Rally Choir of the Alabama Baptist State Congress of Christian, where the Rev. Dr. C. Michael Washington serves as President and Mrs. Alberta Perry serves as Youth Department Director. It is my hope and prayer that you and your loved ones have remained safe and healthy throughout this COVID-19 pandemic. This time last year, we were all rocked by uncertainty and were unsure about how to move forward. It is extremely important to me that the health of our youth come first in all aspects. Which is why, in following President Washington’s decision for the 2021 Congress to virtual again, we have decided to incorporate the first ever Youth Rally Virtual Choir.

The virtual choir effort came about as a way to give our youth the opportunity to still play a major part in the upcoming State Congress, while remaining safe from COVID-19. While this is an exciting effort, this will also be a unique effort. It is because we are doing a virtual choir, that we will begin sending out songs as early as April 26th. Along with five (5) songs, participants will also receive rehearsal videos (personalized for their part), instrumental tracks (to be used to record), and song lyrics. This information can be obtained by emailing me at with typing “Youth Rally 2021” in the subject line OR by going to

Recording Instructions:

  • You will need TWO DEVICES. (One device to play the audio track and one device to record yourself singing) and will submit TWO RECORDINGS (One audio recording & One video recording).
  • Please use headphones (wireless or wired) for the audio device that will be playing the track.
  • The audio and video recording you submit should NOT have the music playing—only you singing your specific part.
  • Please video record in a well-lit area.
  • Do NOT record as a group. These videos should be individually done.
  • Please wear BLACK and WHITE when video recording.
  • Submit your audio and video to

We are asking that all AUDIO be submitted no later than Monday, June 28th at 11:59pm CDT and all VIDEO be submitted no later than Friday, July 9th at 11:59 CDT. Submit all materials to I am extremely excited and hopeful as we, yet again, step into another area of innovation. Please do not hesitate to contact me at (334) 412-7807 or by email if you have any questions or need any assistance.

Humbly Submitted,

Collins Pettaway, III
Youth Rally Choir Director
Alabama Baptist State Congress of Christian Education




2nd Vice President

Administrative Assistant to the President

Assistant Dean

Chief Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Administrative Assistant to the Dean

Assistant Secretary

Music Director

Media Director

Director of Christian Education

Assistant Youth Director

Youth Supervisor, Northeast

Youth Supervisor, Southwest

Youth Supervisor

Youth Department Registrar

Bible Bowl Coordinator

Oratorical Commission Chair

Assistant Child Promotion Director


Dr. C. Michael Washington

Dr. Ywell Cunningham

Mrs. Agnes McPherson

Rev. Lester Walker

Mrs. Dorothy Mcadory

Mrs. Sylvia Long

Mrs. Mary Thomas

Mrs. Paula Thomas

Dr. Charles Thomas

Dr. Richard Davis

Mrs. Brenda Jennings

Mrs. Mary Thomas

Mrs. Dee Henderson

Mrs. Venessa Tolbert

Ms. Annie Burgess

Mrs. Dee Henderson

Mrs. Synethia Pettaway

Mrs. Ruby Dickinson


1st Vice President

Assistant to the President


Assistant Dean

Administrative Assistant to the Dean

General Secretary




Youth Director

Assistant Youth Director

Youth Supervisor, Northwest

Youth Supervisor, Southeast

Youth Supervisor

Bible Bowl Coordinator

Youth Rally/ Choir Director

Child Promotion Director

Assistant Child Promotion Director


Dr. Jermaine Turner

Dr. Victor Harkins

Dr. Jonathan McPherson

Rev. Stevenson Tullis

Mrs. Mattie Conaway

Mrs. Elenor Hall- White

Mr. Larue Pringle

Mr. Byron Thomas

Dr. Victor Harkins

Ms. Alberta Perry

Mrs. Carolyn N. Robinson

Mrs. Rhonda Parker

Mrs. Vera Smith

Mrs. Mattie Shepherd

Mrs. Brenda Jennings

Mr. Collins Pettaway III

Mrs. Iola Williams

Mrs. Sharon Powell

Official Emeritus Staff


President Emeritus

General Secretary Emeritus


Dr. Foster Woodrick

Dr. Ora Parker


Dean Emeritus

Enrollment Committee Chair Emeritus


Dr. Earnest Colvin

Mrs. Elizabeth Wright


Rev.C. Michael Washington,President

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